Govan High School
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School Uniform

Following extensive consultation, the wearing of school uniform has now been firmly re-established.


It is the expectation that each young person will wear the full school uniform each day that they attend school. This sets the tone for the day and we encourage each young person to dress for success. The school uniform is as follows:

  • Black trousers or skirt
  • White shirt
  • School tie
  • Black footwear
  • Black cardigan or jumper
  • School blazer
  • Black outer jacket when required

Through our school uniform we endeavour to encourage appropriate and positive attitudes to school as a place of work; create a sense of pride and identity with the school; and increase security within the school building. If uniform is clearly marked with pupil’s name, lost property can be more easily tracked down.


Details of purchasing the school tie and blazer as well as the optional school jumper and cardigan can be sought from the school office.

It is essential from both the hygiene and safety viewpoint for PE kit to be worn whilst taking part in physical activities. The following items are suitable:

  • Gym shoes/trainers
  • Shorts/gym trousers
  • T-shirt/polo shirt (non-football)
  • Tracksuit for colder weather

Please note all young people must also come equipped for school and carry a school bag. This includes a pen/pencil, materials needed for their subject areas and PE kit on the days required.