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Here are some events taking place within Govan High School:


Letters for Senior Phase - 12/08/2021 17:52:50
Letters for Senior Phase pupils/parents and carers from the Director of Education, Maureen McKenna. These letters provide important information relating to SQA qualifications. Letter to ... (Read more)
Update from the Headteacher - 30/04/2021 13:37:26
Please see the letter below from the Headteacher regarding the return to school for all year groups from 20th April 2021 Update from the Headteacher ... (Read more)
Please see latest information regarding free school meals payments. Free School Meals - key payment dates and updated information ... (Read more)
Letter from Maureen McKenna - 12/02/2021 12:50:03
Please see the latest letter to parents & carers from Maureen McKenna, Director of Education. This includes information on the decision to move the in-service day from Wednesday 10 February to Monday ... (Read more)
SQA Survey - 12/02/2021 12:49:44
SQA is keen to seek the views of S4-S6 parents and carers. A survey can be completed using the following link: Thanks Govan High School ... (Read more)
Payments for free school meals - 12/02/2021 12:49:31
Please see the attached letter which gives details regarding payments for free school meals. Letter to Parents Thanks Govan High School ... (Read more)
Letter from the Headteacher - 12/02/2021 12:49:10
Please see the latest information from the headteacher regarding online learning from next week. Letter to Parents Thanks Govan High School ... (Read more)
SQA Appeals - 11/08/2020 15:50:21
SQA Appeals 2020 All information regarding SQA Appeals 2020 can be found here: Pupils can see their teacher, Pastoral Care teacher or Mrs Kerr when they come ... (Read more)
Return to School - 05/08/2020 17:10:53
Full Time Return to School Please see the latest information from Maureen McKenna, Director of Education, on the full time return to school. Letter to Parents Thanks ... (Read more)
Information for Returning in August - 22/06/2020 17:17:29
Please see the latest update from the Headteacher regarding when information will be issued for the return in August Letter from the Headteacher Thanks Govan High School ... (Read more)
  Provision for supporting children through the summer - 19/06/2020 15:57:06
Information for parents and carers on summer provision of grants, activities and free school meals. ... (Read more)
Planning for Young People Returning in August - 18/06/2020 16:19:28
Please see the latest update from the Headteacher on planning the August return of our young people and how to get involved in the consultation process. Letter from the Headteacher ... (Read more)
Clothing Grants - 16/06/2020 13:31:15
CLOTHING GRANTS. If you received a grant last year you do not need to apply this year, we will pay you automatically in early July. You must however let us know now if your circumstances have ... (Read more)
Information on Schools Re-opening - 12/06/2020 20:29:52
Urgent information from the Headteacher Close Information on school reopen. Update ... (Read more)
School year transitions - 01/06/2020 15:23:35
Moving Forward Update from HT regarding our young people in S1- S5 moving in to the year above and starting their new subjects from Monday 18th May. Please click the link below to see how ... (Read more)
Information for Primary Transitions - 06/05/2020 15:24:48
With the next session coming up (with a strange feel about it), we have information to share with those joining Govan High!! Here is some information to Parents regarding the transition to ... (Read more)
Update From the Headteacher - 24/04/2020 13:20:39
Welcome to the Summer Term. Please click the link below for Information from the Senior Management Team Letter from the Headteacher ... (Read more)
Letter From the Headteacher - 03/04/2020 14:46:48
Please click the link below for an update from the headteacher. Letter to Parents Stay safe everyone. ... (Read more)
Mental Well-being Resources - 31/03/2020 14:32:46
We hope you are all keeping well in this difficult time. Here is some advice and resources on helping with anxiety during all the uncertainty at this time. Advice for helping children, young ... (Read more)
Microsoft Teams Help - 26/03/2020 16:47:35
We have received several questions regarding uploading work to Microsoft teams and how to recieve feedback from this service. There are several links below that should help with any issues that could ... (Read more)
Supporting Mental Health - 25/03/2020 14:07:48
Here is some help and support on mental health during this time. Supporting Mental Health ... (Read more)
Information for Parents/Carers - 25/03/2020 14:04:43
Please click the leter below for some up to date guidence from Govan High School. Letter from the Headteacher ... (Read more)
SQA Update - 24/03/2020 17:50:02
Following the recent update from the SQA we would like to clarify what this means for our young people. This year, schools are not required to submit learner coursework for marking in Higher and ... (Read more)
Online Learning from Home - 19/03/2020 13:34:41
In the event of pupils having to self-isolate we are working hard to make sure pupils have access to materials to allow them to study at home. For a guide in accessing all study materials please ... (Read more)
Vital Services Provision - 19/03/2020 11:25:44
The attached form is for parents/carers who work in vital frontline services such as NHS and are requesting that your child attends school during the period of school closures due to Covid - 19. ... (Read more)
Covid-19 Update - 12/03/2020 14:56:05
Here is some advice for our young people and the school community on the recent coverage of the Covid-19 virus Advice on covid-19 ... (Read more)
Senior Phase Option Choices - 24/02/2020 15:32:04
Senior Choices are here!!!! Have a look at all the great options open for our young people here!! Senior Phase Option Choices ... (Read more)
Supported Study Timetables - 14/02/2020 09:50:11
Its almost Exam Time!!!!!! Here is the Supported Study timetable for that extra push! Supported Study Timetable Saturday Supported Study Timetable ... (Read more)
Advice Given on Management and Prevention of Norovirus Spread - 07/11/2019 14:56:35
There is a suspected outbreak of the winter vomiting bug in the South West area of the City. General advice and guidance being given to Heads of Establishment on management and prevention of the spread ... (Read more)
Senior Parent Information Evening - 03/09/2019 11:06:41
There will be a parent information evening on Tuesday 10th September 2019 at 6.00pm for parents with a young person in S4 to S6. For more information please click below. ... (Read more)
Supported Study Timetable 2019-2020 - 03/09/2019 11:02:48
New session means Supported Study is back!!!!! Click the tab below to see new dates and times for all subjects. Timetable ... (Read more)
Glasgow’s Got Heart - 17/05/2019 10:18:16
The Evening Times is up for an award for their Glasgow’s Got Heart campaign which has seen all local authorities commit to all secondary pupils receiving CPR training at an appropriate time – Glasgow ... (Read more)
Hothousing - 24/04/2019 16:09:14
It's the exam season, so that means study time!! Here is the timetable for those last minute cram sessions running in Govan High the day before the exam. Please attend for that extra push ... (Read more)
Newletter 31 - 18/04/2019 08:25:24
Here are all the highlights from another great term at Govan High! We are now electronic and are using Office Sway. Click the link below! Newletter 31 ... (Read more)
Information From Police Scotland - 18/04/2019 08:23:21
Help for any young peole getting caught out by scammers! Police Scotland ... (Read more)
Easter School Timetable - 28/03/2019 13:53:32
As the term draws to a close, its time to pick up those pencils again!!!! Here are all the extra supported study sessions running throughout our Easter School Easter Study School ... (Read more)
Exam Letter for Parents - 27/03/2019 15:30:47
Here is a letter that outlines exam preparations for the big day!! SQA Letter ... (Read more)
Senior Options Info - 26/03/2019 16:29:50
Its choice time at Govan High School. To see the full list of options click below Information booklet (Part 1) Information Booklet (Part 2) S4 Options Form S5/6 Options Form ... (Read more)
Senior Phase Options Evening - 19/02/2019 08:24:03
We are having an options evening for S4-S6 to outine future opportunities and information on subject choices for the next session at Govan High OPTIONS INFORMATION EVENING – S4-5 ... (Read more)
SQA Timetable - 19/02/2019 08:20:25
Exams are approaching!!!!!! On the Pupil Zone tab, there is information and the SQA timetable for the 2019 exams, Click the link below for instant access to the timetable ... (Read more)
Pupil Portraits - 28/11/2018 14:20:11
Due to popular demand, we are extending the deadline for pupil's portaits. The information is below: We have extended the deadline for orders until 7 th December. Could you please text/email ... (Read more)
School Performances - 13/11/2018 11:13:27
There are many perfomances happening throughout December!!! Here's a short list of what is in store: A lunchtime concert in the Café at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Thursday 13th December ... (Read more)
SQA Exam Timetable 2019 - 26/06/2018 09:30:10
The Exam timetable for 2019 can be found at the folloing link. ... (Read more)
National Parent Forum of Scotland Update - 25/06/2018 12:07:59
The most recent National Parent Forum of Scotland update can be found at the following link. ... (Read more)
Education Services Stakeholder Survey - 18/05/2018 08:49:17
You are welcome to take the following survey on the Education Services Stakeholder Survey. ... (Read more)
Public Consultation on Entry and Placing Request Criteria - 15/05/2018 08:59:59
Glasgow City Council are launching two public consultations on a) Secondary School Entry Criteria The purpose of this consultation is to align the ... (Read more)
SQA EXAM TIMETABLE - 01/05/2018 08:42:29 ... (Read more)
SQA EXAMS LETTER - 20/04/2018 07:54:45
Here is the SQA exams letter that has been given to all senior pupils. ... (Read more)
Metro Big Band - 27/03/2018 07:48:57
On Wednesday 6 th June the Metro Big Band from America will be playing to pupils in the school assembly hall. We are all looking forward to this exciting event ... (Read more)
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Workshops - 27/03/2018 07:48:29
12-15 pupils from S2-3 will be participating in four music theatre workshops organised by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. The workshops will take place on Monday 23 rd April, Monday 30 th ... (Read more)
Instrumental Pupils’ Parent’s Evening - 27/03/2018 07:47:47
Instrumental Pupils’ Parent’s Evening took place on Tuesday 20th March. Parents of pupils attending instrumental lessons in bagpipes, pipe band drumming, woodwind, brass, percussion and guitar ... (Read more)
Senior Option Choices - 08/02/2018 07:54:08
For information on the Senior Options choices please browse the links below. Information Booklet Pt 1 Information Booklet Pt 2 Options Information Night S4 Options Form ... (Read more)
SQA Past Papers - 04/12/2017 09:26:02
Link to the SQA past papers site can be found here. ... (Read more)
Positive Destinations - 26/10/2017 14:58:27
Here is a list of Positive destinations our pupils have achieved. Click here for more info ... (Read more)
Music Department Performance updates - 12/10/2017 08:56:14
National 5 music pupils' compositions will be performed by the Stravinsky Octet in the school assembly hall on Tuesday 5th December between 10.45-12.25pm The school choir, band and instrumentalists ... (Read more)