Govan High School
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School Calendar

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December 2021

Monday, 06th - Prelims Start
Wednesday, 22nd - School closes 2.30pm for the Festive Holidays

January 2022

Wednesday, 05th - School Re-opens 8.50am

February 2022

Monday, 14th - February Mid-Term Break
Tuesday, 15th - February Mid-Term Break
Wednesday, 16th - INSET Day

April 2022

Friday, 01st - Spring Holiday School Closes at 2.30pm
Friday, 15th - Good Friday
Monday, 18th - Easter Monday
Tuesday, 19th - School Re-Opens at 8.50am

May 2022

Monday, 02nd - May Holiday
Thursday, 05th - INSET Day
Friday, 27th - May Holiday

June 2022

Thursday, 02nd - June Holiday
Friday, 03rd - Queen's Jubilee
Friday, 24th - Summer Hoildays School Closes 1pm