Govan High School
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Homework Policy


Homework is a vital tool in successful learning and is used to:

  • Raise levels of attainment
  • Reinforce pupils’ learning and consolidate work done in class
  • Encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own learning
  • Enhance the school/home partnership by providing opportunities for parents to play an active part in their child’s learning

    The amount of homework will vary across the year groups and subjects. Homework assignments will not always be written exercises but may include reading, fact finding research, practical work or revision of material covered in class.


Homework Diary

  • All S1-S3 pupils have  a homework diary
  • Gives pupils ownership of their own learning
  • Homework is good discipline for study in the Senior Phase
  • It is an effective tool for raising attainment
  • Adviser teachers will check and sign the diary weekly
  • Parents are asked to encourage the use of homework diaries by ensuring completion of homework tasks and signing the diary on a weekly basis.


Senior Phase Homework

All that is said above also applies to Senior Phase homework however senior pupils do not have a homework diary but instead manage their studies through a web based app called Edmodo. This is a more interactive approach which allows pupils to take responsibility and ownership for their learning. The app notifies pupils when homework is due, allows them to ask questions and provides links to revision materials and exam practice material.