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Dear Pupil and Parent/Guardian


Prelim Exams


S4-6 Prelim Exams will start on Friday 18 January 2019 and finish on Thursday 31 January 2019.


Please check your Prelim Timetable (attached) for details of time and location of exams.  Make sure you arrive for your exam in plenty of time.



Please read the following important points carefully:


  • Pupils will attend school and follow their normal timetable during Prelims.
  • Pupils will go the Room on their Prelim Timetable 15 mins before the start of the exam.
  • If your exam starts at 9 am please go straight to the exam, 15 mins before the start.
  • Pupils will be NOT be given study leave during Prelims.
  • If your son/daughter is ill please phone the school office as soon as possible.






Homework is given out at least once per week.  Please can I remind you that completing homework and handing it in on time will help you to identify areas of strength and development needs which in turn will help to improve your assessment/exam performance.



Past Papers


As well as homework, pupils should be studying at home in preparation for their Prelims.  Here is the link to a Study Plan app for your phone which is useful for organising your time:   


One of the best ways to prepare for an exam is to work through Past Papers.  Here is the link to Past Papers in the SQA website:


Many pupils will be sitting new CfE qualifications ie N5 and Higher.  In the above website please click on the Specimen Paper link and you will find sample papers to work through.


Supported Study


There is an extensive Supported Study timetable on offer at Govan High School. This gives pupils the opportunity to work in small groups with their teacher to go over exam technique and to get help with any areas of a course they are finding challenging. 




Support from Home


Parents/Guardians can help by:


  • Ensuring as close to full attendance as possible and make sure work is caught up with following any absence
  • Checking homework
  • Ensuring that time is available for study
  • Providing a quiet working environment
  • Checking deadline dates and Prelim dates, times etc
  • Encouraging your child to go to Supported Study



Prelim Arrangements


Please note particularly:


  • You must not take any potentially distracting items into the exam, e.g. mobile phone, mp3 player. This is an SQA requirement, and, if ignored, may result in all your exams being declared void.


When you have an exam you should:


  • Check Prelim Timetable for time and location of your exams
  • Have a good sleep and eat some breakfast
  • Be in school uniform
  • Arrive at the exam room in good time to be settled and ready to start on time
  • Make sure you have the necessary equipment - pens, calculators etc.
  • Work quietly without distracting anyone else
  • Avoid distracting others by taking food or fizzy drinks into an exam
  • Quietly check your answers if you finish early - remember that others are still working
  • Remain in the exam room until end of the exam


After your exam you should:


  • Return to your timetabled class
  • Move through the school quietly - always remember that other people are still working



We would like to wish you the very best in your exams.


Yours sincerely





Mrs S Kerr

Depute Head Teacher